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Sherranda acts through Spiritual healing which she dispenses beautified Love and makes all of your Dreams come true.
Thx Sherranda, I love U !
by BeautifulKiss February 05, 2010
Sherranda is a derivative name for the fallen chief Sherando (Sherando Lake) coming from the Virginia area (Shenandoah area - "Daughter of the Stars").

1) It's from Indian etymology as (Schin-han-dowi) Schinhandowi, meaning "River through the Spruces".

2) It's from (On-an-da-goa) Onandagoa, meaning "River-of-High Mountains" or as "Silver-Water".

3) It's from the Iroquois Skahentowane, meaning "Great Meadow" or "Valley".
Sherranda, the "Daughter of the Stars" for the river has its sources in high mountains, and on a clear night in those high mountains the stars seem very close indeed.
by Raffielo February 05, 2010