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A variation on a Blumpkin. The act of giving passionate, unforgettable head while the recipient is taking a steamy pungent shit. Where it varies from a Blumpkin is in the requirements of the recipient. He must be a native of Nepal, a partial Canadian, a liberal arts college student/hater, judgemental, tall/lanky, a casual beer drinker with homework, and all together a mysterious being.
Tara: OMG! I had the craziest night. I met this super hot Nepalese guy he was so tall and mysterious, we went back to his place and I performed a Sherpakin on him in a sketchy bathroom before his roommate walked in!

Shaniqua: No way gurllll! I performed a Sherpakin 2 weekends ago!!?! what was his name?

Tara: Jimmy.

An awkward silence follows when the girls realize they gave a Sherpakin to the same guy...Jimmy Sherpa.
by Cockmaster750876 December 02, 2010