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Sheroy is a name for a person who represents the gaming world of Counter Strike. A Sheroy loves to listen to heavy metal music and growl along. Sheroy's are usually good-looking and creative. But also quite lazy and frivolous. And suckers when it comes to a slutty girl. Sheroy's dont usually like to put in hard-work for anything. And they suck at any other language apart from theirs. But Sheroy's are also very funny and drool-y. They love inanimate objects and like to think of them all as guns. They are also very protective about their sisters when it comes to boyfriend issues. Sheroy's are a very rare kind and extremely fun to hang around with. If you meet one, you are surely going to fall in love with them.
Man, I wish I had a Sheroy for a brother.
by peace-o-holic December 17, 2011
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