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pronunciation: shure-EEN
1. Third son
2. Oldest one.
He is the Sherine of the family.
by Annamma January 20, 2010
Egyptian name of a girl who is really psychoooooooooooooo. but cute and really pretty nonetheless. shaza.
bakrah sherine :)
by hi332 December 05, 2010
A wonderful soul sister. She can make you smile all Soulsistaa Thursday and cry all confession-freaky Tuesday. I love her so much, and I want to be invited to her wedding insha'Allah.
Sherine. Once upon a time, in December, there was a girl called Jane just chilling on a red couch in her room watching a not-so-interesting football game. Jane was a really beautiful girl who liked food. She was eating some homayda when suddenly she heard a meow! She rushed to the window and looked outside.
by Soulsistaa August 23, 2012