A leader of education to a flock of student's, generally regarded as an expert practitioner in the field of education.
A shepherd, Can also be called a teacher or facilitator
by anon987654321 April 05, 2011
Top Definition
A man or woman who, on a night out with friends, chooses to stay sober or is made to stay sober for the care of rest of the group.
John had a rough night, spent acting as shepherd for five horny and drunken lads out on the town.
by JojoAgogo October 28, 2008
One who is followed blindly by sheeple.
Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge are all prominent shepherds.
by 19AndrewPF92 June 17, 2011
someone who is a member of the furry community but not auctualy a furry. shepherds normaly have at least 1 close furry friend. theay are very protective and suportive of furrys in general
hey dude yesterday this troll was bullying me over my furry art project but a shepherd was walking by and threatened to pummel him if he dident lay off
by col.Sherman August 07, 2009
one who is a total bitch. Mostly lesbian and tries to hide it (like marying a man). she is extremely ugly and resembles another well-known person that most think of as a trans-sexual. she stutters a lot and mostly uses a placeholder, like hmm or um.
"god that shepherd lady/girl/he-she is such an ugly bitchy lesbo!"
by the devil in hell January 13, 2008
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