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the descreet, or loud shreek/yelp you make when your shit hurts
"dude i could hear you shelp from the hallway"

"my shit hurt so bad I shelped a little"
by KG-of-319 January 04, 2010
A pseudo-acronym for SHut the HELL uP.
"Because I'm a proper lady: shelp!"

"Dude, shelp."
by gilbertnation December 24, 2013
The first word Puddle of Gold knew when he emerged in the Garden of Eden. It meant everything and nothing.
by Starlen Gold May 22, 2012
like shelf, but shelp
we were walking down the block and we noticed that someone was throwing out a perfectly functional shelp.

With excitement for our new holding structure, I imagined how perfectly the shelp would fit in to my bedroom.
by Anne Dromita March 08, 2009
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