One hot bitch...but she is a lazy fat one at that! When disturbed approach with extreme caution for she will move with the grace of a walrus. She wears clothes that are too tight and revealing, but still reveals her extreme hotness.

Once a year she moves to the outside world for migrating season. This is a very emotional time for a shelly as it can only find one brad out of hundreds. Once she has found her brad she then mates and moves back to her final resting place. 2 years from that time a small fetus grows inside of her until she releases it into the milo tin where it slowly sheds its powderised liquid crap which form the weak as shit milo.
Look at that Shelly, what's it doing with that milo tin?
by Shezza@hot November 22, 2012
A word defining that time of the month. Personifies extreme moods, and hyper random activity. Can be used as an adjective for both females and metrosexual men.

Also known as a synonym for foursomes,wild sexual activity and heavy alcohol usage.
Oh whats wrong with her ? Nothing, she is going through a Shelly.

I just had a shelly man, it was awesome !
by Mahuda December 13, 2010
While wiping your butt you accidentally get poop on your hand in which you proceed to wipe off on the toilet paper roll leaving for all to find later.
Hey guys somebody just "shelly'd" stall 3, beware!!!
by bonequesha March 30, 2011
HURT; to be a Cock-block. Very un-intelligent. Has no mind of a person her age.
Why is Shelly so HURT?
by SW1FTK1CKS July 07, 2011

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