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a cool guy who has no need, and is too sexy for his sleeves
whoa check out Shelley's boyfriend, what happened to his sleeves?
by The Elusive Janteeee September 11, 2003
The victim of a very tragic twist of fate in which God deems someone just too god damn sexy for his/her (in this case "his") own good, and thus gives him a tragic flaw. In Shelly's boyfriend's example, this tragic flaw is the inability to wear sleeves, EVER. As a result his arms are at a constant freezing temperature, and he has to hold onto his girlfriend Shelly for warmth.
Dude I feel so sorry for that guy, that's a real Shelly's Boyfriend if i've ever seen it. But boy, he sure is hot.
by LAURE ST. GEORGES September 15, 2003
his name is frank and he loves getting bumed by everything
oooooo shelley u have such a small willy
by sharratt October 05, 2003
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