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Often abbreviated as "Chilli's Ring" (Persian and Hindustani: "Sheikh Chilli qa Anghushtari"), this term represents the anus of a woman. The origin of this term is traced to the inimitable Sheikh Chilli. It is related that once the Sheikh, sorely jealous of his Bibi (wife), dreamed that Iblis (Satan) gave him a magic ring, which, as long as he wore on his unglee (finger), would prevent her from qarnoing (cuckolding) him. When he awoke he found his finger in the Sheikha's anus. It is also narrated that Sheikh Chilli secretly wore this ring whenever he slept next to the Sheikha, in order to ensure her fidelity. This tale is perhaps the source of the Old English "Carvel's Ring", related in a much-bowdlerized version in "A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue" by Francis Grose, 2nd ed. London: S.Hooper, 1788.
Faizal: Yaar (friend), I am very jealous of my Bibi (wife) Faizee. I am really worried she might cheat on me with a Shudra Goonda (goon) having a huge Kala Lund (black penis) much much bigger than mine.
Irshad (smiling): No problem, just wear Sheikh Chilli's Ring.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza May 24, 2010

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