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Reinforced with a high daily intake of carbs, Shehryar is a solid hunk of protein. Despite taking late meals that do no good for his metabolism, Shehryar makes up by overworking his traps to Olympic standard. Shehryar makes no secret of the fact that he does in fact, 'work out', and publicises his efforts by forcing his followers to fondle his gluteus maximus.

His expertise in Pakistan history combined with erudite writing skills make him a suitable candidate for internships at free magazines and university summer courses requiring a handy reference from a teacher.

Famed for his cunning and satirical witticisms, Shehryar implements passive resistance with fierce verbal sparring to oust his arch enemy and P.P. student, Dick McMuffin, and usually wins. Though it may never happen, it is quite evident to most people that if it ever came to a physical battle, Shehyar would utterly crush his opponent and thus the Prime Ministerial position of the British Empire.

To summarise, Shehryar is a sexy piece of yorkshire pudding and will hand out free blowjobs to a few lucky people who can galvanise their 'blunt instrument' to him.
Shehryar Haris (impersonating Dick McMuffin): "You're wrong"
by Flibberty Flibbit January 25, 2014
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