adj, slang, derrived from ancient mohawk niggers, this word is used to describe someone who has been analy fucked too many times to count, and has a deformed face, like that of a sheep, from being skull fucked by a large donkey/man/hippo/giraffe/jew/gook/coon/his mom/blue whale/orangatan/rat/tramp/turkish prostitute too many times.
the deformitys in his upper and lower jawbone structure can be explained by the extreme ammount of cock sucking he does, the sucking has pulled his teeth inward causing this defection.
Get the fuck out of my living room and go suck a dick you sheep boy schep!
by Mr. Johnathan Swisher July 15, 2004
Top Definition
This is a name, for a person called Jaws. She spends most of her time in her mother's bedroom giving head to her dad. She also has a huge jaw that cant even be broken down with plastic surgery! She often eats giant jaw breakers, but even that doesnt help with the humungous jaw. She often chickens out of fights that she even sets up with a person face to face. She also cant get a good looking girlfriend, so she keeps breaking up then going out with her mom.
Ewwwww, ur such a Jaws, stop giving ur dad head!

Man, if you were like Jaws, you could fit a whole shit load of notes on that sucker of a jaw and look down to cheat off of it.
by Tich July 13, 2004
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