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A woman/girl that hangs out with many guys and takes their clothes, jewelry, hats, phones, etc. and does not return them for hours, days, weeks, and even months, even though they don't necessarily need it. Can be compared to the character D'Bo from the movie Friday.
Joe: Dog, it's cold. Why ain't you got your sweater?
Chris: Dat damn sheebo jacked my shit like two weeks ago.
by C.J.1216 February 21, 2008
Being Cluttsie, Retarded, goonish , cheesing, or just a fucking dumbass
He was cheesing.
Salvano your Such a Shee-Bo!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Andy CZ April 26, 2011
A thing you find in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't know any language so it grunts. It's completely barbaric, and unfriendly. It has four arms and is neither male or female. It's completely disgusting and vicious.
The other day I thought I spotted a sheebo and then realized it was my sister, and then realized sheebo is my sister. FML.
by CaptSquare October 07, 2011

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