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1: insider code giving another guy a warning about a female, more specifically about her propensity to be a crazy cat lady

2: cautionary statement about a female who is less dateable than advertised due to a prolonged stretch of romantic inactivity (which leads to clinginess)

Also note that x increases with a particular girl's level of insanity, and can thus be used as a measure of how much caution should be warranted in attempting to approach her.
John: "Sarah seems pretty cute. What's her story?"
Dave: "Dude, she's got cats."
John: "Tough. How many are we talking about?"
Dave: "At least 6, maybe 7..."
John: "So, like back away slowly then run for the door?"
Dave: "Exactly"


John: "Amanda seems pretty cute. What's happening there?"
Dave: "She's got cats."
John: "How many?"
Dave: "Only a couple."
John: "I can work with that..."
by discgolf January 23, 2010

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