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A song written by oasis about a girl who has a Brother, sister ( The claims of on the palm of her hand is used to spliff smoking) and is also pregnant, has a "Fit" Mother and Many cousains. The song is very much unknown by many oasis fans as Liam refuses to sing this song live. a compleate downer. The lyrics are really much like a nursary rhyme. " sister " "blister"

The ending has a referance to the beatles as it sounds like the ending of " with a little help from my friends" and the chorus sounding like "whilst my guitar gently weeps".
The " ryhming "

"shes got a sister
and on the palm of her hand is a blister"

"shes got a cousain
infact shes got bout a dozen
shes got one in the oven
But its nothing to do with me."

Wayne: What is this song?
Hannah: She's electric
Wayne: Can i be electric too?
Hannah: No.
by M.C Neon May 30, 2009
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