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1) A terrible occurrence or situation that is akin to a catastrophic travesty, resulting in or degenerating into a state of shambles.

2) The act of defecating on another’s chest cavity - which coincidently, is a shavity in and of itself, especially for the shavitee, and to a lesser extent, the shaviteer.
Sorry I'm late boss, the interstate was a real shavity this morning.

We dated for a few years but I knew deep down that she wasn't 'the one' because I could never convince her to accept a shavity. She wouldn’t even try it at least once. C’Mon!

Holy shit that girl is so fine; I just want to give her a shavity.

In a conversation:

- I saw your sister in a shavity video online. The camera was shaky but I could tell it was her by that birthmark on her inner thigh.

Oh shit, was she the shavitier or shavitee?

- What do you think?

God Damnit! – Why do you watch those videos anyway dude, your life is a shavity.
by L.J. from PA July 28, 2011

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