Shaun Diviney The Princess is lead singer of Short Stack who has a mass Jungle and plays guitar while making hand or arm movements in some songs
Boys Like Girls: " I wonder if Andy Clemmensen or Bradie Webb get lost in Shauns Diviney jungle "

Good Charlotte: " Ohh nahh man princess Shaun Diviney would crack a mental and shave it off! "
by Natashahahaha March 12, 2011
Top Definition
Lead singer from australian band, 'Short Stack.'

Fucking babe. Hockey legs, beyond belief.
<insert shaun diviney example here/
by imjustme;) October 27, 2009
Shaun Donald Patrick Diviney was born on the 26th of July, 1989 and lives in Budgewoi, NSW, Australia.
He's the lead singer and guitarist in Australian pop/rock band Short Stack.
Shaun, Andy Clemmensen (bass and backing vocals) and Bradie Webb (drums and keys) formed their band when they were in high school, and have released their 1st album Stack Is The New Black, which contains 14 songs written by Shaun.
He can also play piano and enjoys wearing suits.
Person 1: Who's your favourite guy in Short Stack?
Person 2: Definitely Shaun Diviney! He's so talented and funny!
Person 1: I know right!
by xAxxSxxHx August 01, 2010
Another word for 'dorito'.
Shaun Diviney is so orange, I bet he rolls around in doritos.
by a-n-c-h-o-r June 30, 2011
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