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When one acquires a still-inky sharpie and excessively draws on anything and/or anyone who will let them. Sharpie fever induced drawings include but are not limited to: tacky drawn-on jewelry, scribbles and doodles on any piece of blank anything, fake tattoos, and penis drawings on face. Usually sharpie fever abates when the sharpie runs out of ink. Similar to Scissor Sickness, when the urge to cut anything, especially paper and clothing, becomes overwhelming.
While going through the art drawer, Emma found an unopened blue sharpie. In a fit of sharpie fever, she scribbled designs on her arms and attempted to give herself highlights.

At school, sharpies are often banned, not because students sniff them, but because the extensive cases of sharpie fever are difficult to deal with.
by sodkrgnkoas July 10, 2013

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