Male or female from the upper class society. Many shop at Waitrose or Harrods. Enjoys posh nosh and having a good time. They are good company to be around and have a good sense of humour, enjoying a laugh!!!!
Simon and Emma sharpe
by david bowie3 September 04, 2006
Top Definition
Slang for "odd", "obscure", "different".
Mainly used by indie/alternative people.
Can be used instead of "random"
Prep: OMG!! You're sooooo random! LoooooL
Indie: No.. Not random.. Sharpe..
by xMidnightShowx March 31, 2007
A fictional character in the series of the same name written by Bernard Cornwell.
Sharpe: If anyone gets in the way of me and that filth, I'll kill him!
by Treadstone June 25, 2014
A common word people think of when trying to make up a 'new', 'cool' word. In reality it is neither of these things.
Person 1: HEY, it'd be really cool if we made up a new word

Person 2: YEAH..... how about 'sharpe'?

Person 14: You're both twats
by Neil Carnatt May 30, 2009
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