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SharpMissy is a hot, witty girl in her 30's. She is most often called a MILF or Cougar. Her long blonde hair and sexy, hot eyes makes men envy her husband. She's fun, intelligent and speaks open-heartedly about sex. She's a horny devil. Most men that meet her would like to bang her.

She's the perfect wife. She takes care of her husband, her household and her children. She wants sex all the time. Not many men can satisfy her constant crave for sex. She also feels she's dedicated to doing blow-jobs, which few can do better than she can.
There is only one example. There is only ONE SharpMissy on the Internet. Check it out yourselves. There can be only one.
#sex #sexy #hot #milf #wife #blonde #eyes
by Derrick James November 06, 2010
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