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The definition of Gianni Scandella ,a demi chav with fins for hair and acne for gills , Avoid at all costs, his M C improvisation is mind numbing
Speaker : Gianni you are a twat
by Elsammio January 09, 2005
5 10
The face a man makes before an orgasm, precedes o face.
"Oh honey I'm gonna cum... uuuuuggghhhh... uuuuhhh... i'm cumming... oh honey <makes shark face>, oh, here i cum... oh <makes o face>... "
by listrifish February 15, 2007
16 8
Someone with a pointy face. His chin and his forehead are far back compared to his nose. Those people are always very ugly and no one likes them. At school, they are rejects.
Gab: He look its Jacob!
Éric: Its a shark-face!
Both: singing Jaws theme song.
by iPodtouchpro March 29, 2011
6 1
Verb - The act of running someone over in a car, or more specifically, to run them over, reverse, and repeat.

The term originates from Richie 'Sharkface' Aprile of Sopranos fame, who famously ran his car over Beansie twice in quick succession, paralysing him.

"Did you kill Bobby's ass on GTA?"

"Yeah, he was in the street with an AK, so I stole a jeep and sharkfaced his ass"
by John E. Cakes May 17, 2008
6 3
A face with shark-like features.
Look at that girls face, it has sharklife features, which maked her face a sharkface.
by Me November 20, 2004
7 6
Classic shaped BMW, with Shark like frontal features.
by anonymous April 06, 2003
8 7
A verteran geek who plays RPGS and FPS games, he is well known on the web for his jokes on Red vs Blue. Although a person, his name is commonly used as a verb. Because of his legendary ability to shirk responsibilty, "pulling a sharkface" is used commonly on the sites that he haunts.

Actual Internet Name: Sharkface217
"Don't you go out there and pull a sharkface on us!"

"Oh crap! He pulled a sharkface on us!"

"Man, if he pulls a sharkface on us, I'll be so angry."
by Tim Drake January 28, 2005
5 10