She Has A Ring. A name for a woman who has a purity ring. Also a known name someone might call a girl who has one instead of actually calling her by her real name.
"Hey so I met this new girl yesterday., but it turns out SHAR."
by MikeBrown February 28, 2015
Shortened one syllable slang word for "show us".
"Shars ya epidermus!"
"Carn... shars"
by Joal McMan January 07, 2005
Pittsburgian talk for a shower
I'll be down in ten minutes i have to shar.
by Ray42 November 04, 2006
S.H.A.R.- Skin Heads Against Racism

Need I say more!
The Neo Nazis need to watch out for the SHARs
by Miguel April 01, 2004

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