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Shapple (shit+apple) is a term used when one needs to refer to apple infused poop.

This typically happens when a pet, usually a dog eats too many apples and then takes a big dump. Then when you pick those treats up like a good pet guardian, sometimes you'll notice there's more apple than poop present.

Now, if your pet already has a tendency to eat poop, then one of these apple laced ones could be a real treat. Be prepared as you may find yourself in competition with the pet when you're trying to do your part cleaning things up.

Further, with shapples around, you may have a difficult time getting the pet back inside the house after a late night potty session as they may be hunting for forgotten shapples.
Dog goes out for a late night potty session and doesn't come right back in, but when she does, she's licking her chops.

It's five hours past dinner time, what could she have been eating? Shapples!

also see:
hot shapple pie
by podulator November 08, 2010
1. When the DNA of a sheep is crossed with that of an apple tree. The end result is a shapple, not to be confused with Snapple (a combination of a snail and apple) or sheeple (one who follows a leader blindly)

2. The combination of Shaps and an apple.
1. I ate a shapple for lunch today. They are rich in protein, vitamins and apple flavoured wool.

2. I ate a shapple for lunch today. They are rich in Shaps and apple stuff.
by Nicomaya April 03, 2007
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