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shannon is a beautiful Irish girl with red hair and brown eyes.

she is honest, loving, funny,down to earth,crazy,cool, caring and talented.
One of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. she who is beautiful, inside and out. she normally listens to rock. she wont judge things until shes tried it. she loves her veggies but loves ice-cream and pizza more. she is truly a unique person and one of a kind and hates having something the same as anyone else. she usually is a performer.A goddess of beauty and love descented from the heavens. Was created by the gods to make all things on earth happier. She is known for her amazingness, beauty, sex appeal, her stunning smile and bedroom eyes. Shes always hyper but sometimes wants to sleep because she can be very lazy.

if you ever meet a shannon make her yours she's the type of person who will love you allot and you can trust her.
lewis: shannon is so beautiful

john: she shall one day be my wife.
lewis: no mate she'll be mine
by jamiejohnson123 November 18, 2011
An ass hole of a girl, watch out because she will steal your man. Very malicious and evil. Her laugh is preposterous and she is very unreliable. she can make you think anything she wants you to. This can be very dangerous to everyone around her. If you think you're falling for a Shannon, stop right away. Distance yourself from her, and stop making contact with her as much as possible. You don't actually like her, she's just making you think you do. A Shannon ruined my whole entire life. If she has brown hair and blue eyes, she is even more dangerous. Nobody really likes Shannon's, the Shannon's brain-wash us to make us think we do. Never name your kid Shannon, you will ruin her life, while she ruins other peoples'. Just be careful around Shannon's!
Boy: Yo, is that a Shannon over there?
Girl: OMG ya walk away! Don't make eye contact!

Boy: No, wait lets go say hi!
Girl: No, she is dangerous!!
*Boy goes to say hi*
*Boys entire life is ruined because a Shannon got involved*
by juliagurl October 12, 2013
is an amazing sister, wife, mother, daughter and grandaughter!! has an amazing personality, has 3 amazing children and loves to shop! she can get a little scary at times but is always there for someone that needs her in the end.
Shannon is so funny!!
by Mekenze:) April 09, 2011
An amazing girl who LOVES Twilight star Robert Pattinson, the colour green, the singer Adele, and the primary school subject Spelling. Not forgetting the adorable endangered African animal, the cheetah. Shannon has an IQ of Albert Einstien (VEERY SMART) and is a ridiculously good friend. Stick by her and she will make you life full. She is your sun on rainy days. Who comes and shines on you bright always having a compliment.

A Shannon is generally a brunette with dark eyes. She has a maturity of an adult. But with her young friends she can go crazy! A Shannon is a person who will stick with you and won't let you go.
1: Wow, your so lucky to have a Shannon.
2: Yeah. She's such a Shannon.
by Mrs Malik93 September 28, 2012
a smart, beautiful girl. perfect to any guy. has a great personality. usually brunette or red headed

be with boys who are tall/medium and brunnette or blonde.
That girl is trying to be a Shannon with that tall blonde.
by thatboyyyy1233 June 02, 2012
the most amazing girl in the world
by shaayM October 10, 2011
Shannon is the best friend and best girlfriend. She is sweet, kind, and loving, but can also have tons of fun. She is shy at first but once you get to know her she will be daring, hilarious, and sexy. She usually has golden brown hair with greeen eyes and fair skin. She is tall and gorgeous. If you know a Shannon, date her.
That girl is so pretty, she is such a Shannon.
by derek4512 December 06, 2010