Shannon is the best friend and best girlfriend. She is sweet, kind, and loving, but can also have tons of fun. She is shy at first but once you get to know her she will be daring, hilarious, and sexy. She usually has golden brown hair with greeen eyes and fair skin. She is tall and gorgeous. If you know a Shannon, date her.
That girl is so pretty, she is such a Shannon.
by derek4512 December 06, 2010
An amazing girl who LOVES Twilight star Robert Pattinson, the colour green, the singer Adele, and the primary school subject Spelling. Not forgetting the adorable endangered African animal, the cheetah. Shannon has an IQ of Albert Einstien (VEERY SMART) and is a ridiculously good friend. Stick by her and she will make you life full. She is your sun on rainy days. Who comes and shines on you bright always having a compliment.

A Shannon is generally a brunette with dark eyes. She has a maturity of an adult. But with her young friends she can go crazy! A Shannon is a person who will stick with you and won't let you go.
1: Wow, your so lucky to have a Shannon.
2: Yeah. She's such a Shannon.
by Mrs Malik93 September 28, 2012
A girl named Shannon, is a awesome person who sleeps to much, is silly, loves cats, and to play xbox. Giggles at the weirdest things. Loves to recycle and do the right thing for the enviroment. Loves to make random outbursts during a serious movie. She is pretty, caring, kind, and a really good friend. She will listen to all your problems and make the best out of every situation. Usually Italian and Polish and likes to sleep in random places.
Hannah: Hey where's Shan?
Rebecca: Being shannon
Hannah: Oh ok

Boy1: I was playing xbox with that one girl
Boy 2: Oh, you mean Shannon?
Boy 1: yes, she loves cats
by JT Santiago November 30, 2011
the most amazing girl in the world
by shaayM October 10, 2011
is an amazing sister, wife, mother, daughter and grandaughter!! has an amazing personality, has 3 amazing children and loves to shop! she can get a little scary at times but is always there for someone that needs her in the end.
Shannon is so funny!!
by Mekenze:) April 09, 2011
very awesome person very good cook loves to play with son who always loses when play fighting
boy- dude ur mom is awesome
other boy- thx i think
boy- mrs.shannon is a good cook
by whoami123455 February 11, 2012
Hot blonde california bomb shell brings all the boys to the yard. Single and ready to mingle!!! WooHoo :)
Lexxi "Hey shannon you wanna go to MJ's with me, im meeting up with a couple of friends for a drink??

Shann "Lets go somewhere single and ready to mingle" MJ's doesnt deserve my presence my EX is fucking the cocktail waitress there and believe me it aint nothin pretty...He is FUGLY and her breath stinks, Yep he got him a winner hehehehe....

Lexxi " Looks like he wont ever get a taste or be in your presence ever again... I know you Shannon once they fuck around on you its a WRAP...i feel sorry for your EX!
by keepdreaming March 01, 2012

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