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When someone, especially a female celebrity, has noticeably uneven facial features like actress/bad girl Shannen Doherty, i.e., one eye or ear higher than the other, a crooked nose, jawline and/or teeth, misshapen head. Other famous women with this affliction include Mimi Rogers, Ellen Barkin, Lauren Hutton and Beverly Johnson. Those inflicted with SDF are not necessarily ugly, it's just that you can't stop looking at their weird, sometimes misshapen features.
Tarik: Man, Heather is one fine-ass white girl
DeShaun: Yeah, but look how her left eye is two inches higher than her right. My girl got some serious Shannen Doherty Face.
Tarik: She could still suck my dick, tho
DeShaun: Word.
by Philly Lovah In Da Houz October 27, 2009
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