Anyone that you think is hot/sexy enough to have sexual relations with
Dammmnnnn, now she be shankable
by SuperExtremeX March 17, 2009
Top Definition
ADJ. Worthy of shanking.

Someone that is awefully annoying, hideously ugly, or just plain fucking stupid...and deserves to be shanked.

They often do not realize they display these qualities which makes them ever more shankable.
Girl 1: He told me like 8 times that he just graduated from community college.
Girl 2: He sounds like a tool.
Girl 1: Shankable?
Girl 2: Definitely!

Girl 1: "That shankable a$$hole over there just grabbed my ass as i walked by."
Girl 2: "Fucking shank 'im"
by Canal Win Crew July 02, 2009
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