Shaniya is the sexiest hottest girl in the whole FUCKING universe !!! Shaniya's are tanned bitchy brunettes who are sexy bitches. If you want a one night stand do it with a shaniya. Not only are the FUCKING perfect but are also cool with doing guy stuff like video games. FUCK YEAH
Guy douche bag: FUCK man that girl is SEXY !!!

Guy Bastard: DAMN she is so fine !!! She's gotta be a Shaniya !!!
by Thesexybitch February 16, 2013
Top Definition
To be a Shaniya you have to be really out-going, and very pretty. Sometime Shaniya's can be a bit of a bitch, but when she is you know it will only last awhile. You can always trust that Shaniya will be the for you. Shaniya are 100% loyal, and they will always tell you the truth if you need to know.
Shaniya is Amazing
Shaniya is Bitchy
Shaniya is Herself
Shaniya is Loyal
Shaniya is pretty
by bugsbunny_frost November 19, 2010
She is nice sweet, and very understanding she is very caring and she will do something with her life. She maybe mad fun of because of those folowing things and more but she can look past it . She likes to see the good in people. and she is Gorgous. Words cannot describe her beatuy. :) But shaniya is sometimes very emotional and likes to vent it out in creative ways
Shaniya is sweet
Shaniya is beautiful

Shaniya is very unique
Shaniya is a people person.

She looks out for others.

And she doesn't like to disappoint.
Shaniya writes poetry
by ???who??? April 21, 2011
Shaniya is a very tall , different girl. She is very thuggish yet is from new jersey and is secretly a guidette in disguise who enjoys watching jersey shore. Shaniya's are usually and black and in the process of getting dick they pat there chest retardedly to send a signal out. If yu ever see a Shaniya pulling out a black berry phone , her web browsing will consist of websites known to gross out any ordinary being. Her nickname is Niya. She enjoys pink sock daily.
Guy 1: "Hey did you see Shaniya last night"

Guy 2: "Yeah she looked at me and patted her chest, I guess she got some dick"

Guy 1: "Oh yeah, thats Niya, Keep going she'll have a blue waffle!"

Guy 2: "Oh yeah she has that picture on her phone!"

Guy 1: "OMG, That's NOT Sexy"

Guy 2: "Oh yeah, she has that picture too!"
by heheheimsocoolyo! April 12, 2010
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