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Prior to engaging to copulation, suggest to your prospective partner that she knots her hair using two crossed chopsticks. Upon entry into the vaginal canal from the rear (doggie style), and just before the moment of climax, the man removes the penis from the vagina, and inserts into the anus, uninvited, whilst taking control of the the chopsticks. At the moment climax, the man grips the chopsticks, and buries them into the scalp of the female recipient, thus leading to a blood-curling scream. (and perhaps blood from the anus, who knows?) After this EXTREME moment, reach into your dresser drawer and pull out a fortune cookie, and proceed to read the fortune to her.
Roommate 1: "Bro, I just heard some girl give out the loudest scream from your room. Is everything okay?"

Giver of the Shanghai Screamer: "Yea. That bitch be dead. I just gave her a Shanghai Screamer. Peace out, beezy."
by A.M. 378... December 01, 2010
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