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The moment of truth that occurs when you find out something you thought was really great is really all a facade. see Sham
I just got sham wowed. I was checking out this hot chicks ass and she turned around and 'snap' dude looked like a lady!
by Keifermail September 30, 2009
(adj.) Heavily inebriated, to the extent where you will not remember much of anything in the morning.
I'm getting shamwowed tonight!
by c0llister May 02, 2009
A. Having produced so much sperm that only a Shamwow cloth can absorb it all.

B. To have kinky sex with a hooker.
"Man I shamwowed my girlfriend last night"
by fuzzynuts92 September 14, 2009
The act of close-fist jacking a prostiute after she bites your tongue while kissing her/him.
Darryl - "dude, I'm scared!
Leroy - "what's up?"
Darryl - "I Sham-wowed some hooker last night."
Leroy - "How?"
Darryl - "We were kissing and ahh...."
Leroy - "Wait! Why would you kiss a hooker?"
Darryl - "Your right...I'm a tool."
Leroy - "Laters!"
by darryl&Leroy May 04, 2009
When you get the shit beaten out of you by a client after biting off part of his tounge before intercorse.
almost exactly like that one time Vince the shamwow guy beat the shit out of a hooker for biting his tounge off...
by Mike Hawk Izitchie February 26, 2011
The Act of slapping someone in the face with a handful of seamen. This is often done in retaliation by women who have been gizzed on witout warning by their partners.
Jen's handjob was so good I busted all over her tits. She got mad, whiped it up with her hand, and sham-wowed me right across the face.
by HollaGiiirl March 28, 2009
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