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Odorless feces. Preferred by some who enjoy defecation as a component of the sexual experience, but are offended by what some may consider the unfavorable stench of fecal matter.
Nathan was meticulous with his diet so as to leave only sham pooh on his partner after "sex".
#defecate #shit #cleveland steamer #offensive #smell
by Truckdriver April 16, 2009
5 Words related to Sham Pooh
When you fuck a bitch as big as shamoo in the ass. May be a challenge for some men depending on the size of the whale-o-woman
Tom: Did you shampooh that bitch last night
Dick: I tried but her ass cheeks were so fat I couldn't get my dick in all the way
#shamoo #fat ass #whale #plumper #bedonkadonk
by NewTownVilly August 16, 2009
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