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An all to common phenomina that occurs with Macintosh computers. When a Macintosh computer stops operating and displays the "Spinnng Beach Ball of Death" for a prolonged period of time, the common fix is to pick up the screen of your iMac and shake it until it either continues to work at its usual sluggish pace, or just stops working completely, and can be diagnosed with Shaken Mac Syndrome.
"Dude, my Mac stopped working!"
"Did you try shaking it?"
"Yeah, it probably has Shaken Mac Syndrome now."
"Uggh Fucking Macs"
by nruss4289 October 27, 2008
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When your macintosh or Apple computer repeatedly stops working or displays the "spinning rainbow ball of death", the common cure is to pick your mac up and move it in a shaking motion.
"Dude, my mac has the spinning rainbow ball!"
"Maybe it has shaken mac syndrome"
"Fucking Macs"
by NRuss October 20, 2008

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