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Name given to the most West-country sounding Rugby Fresher at Swansea University and general gremlin. Name passes on only when the previous Shagneck has left or graduated from Swansea uni. Recipients are usually roofers or farmers or 'Roofer-Farmers'. Once dubbed 'Shagneck', he must perfect the art of the 'Shagneck Bounce'. Over-consumption of a cocktail of supplements to compensate for lack of success with women is common. Approach with caution.

AKA: - Shaggers, The neck,
Whoop! Whoop! The Shagneck bounce...
by ShibbyBoom July 27, 2010

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A cider swilling invalid.
Shagneck is a cider swilling invalid.
by ShibbyBoom July 28, 2010