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To be overly practical, borderline frugal. May also lack knowledge of women. Often times conned into bringing girls that have a boyfriend or significant other out to dinner and spend a lot of money on them. Can be seen at Ross buying Karl Kani jeans on the sale rack.
If it ain't bling, its shady a.
by Dub Cee November 07, 2004
Mrs.Jonas , beautiful , intelligent , creative , gorgeous , lovely,
sexy, amazing, the most amazing person in the whole wide world, pretty, young, crazy , funny, hilarious , sweet , kind , caring , mature , easy going , every guy in the world wants her, girls hate on her cause they cant be like her, basically shes AMAZZZIIIINNNGGGGG ;D
Wow your such a Shadya god bless you. ;*
by Yolllloooooo November 30, 2011