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A prideful male nudist with a large ego on the inside, wich means it's package is prolly small.

It always thinks its self right, and makes the other guilty. Has a quick temper and gets raged at little things.

Known to be pretty careless or heartless. Example is it doesn't give a shit if it makes you cry or not. It'll choose a video game over a crying friend, it's been proved.

Beware, it's also an indian giver an isn't afraid to steal back gifts or keep your belongings you leave at it' house. This kind of behavior is frowned apon by most.

It also likes to be referred to as a girl, and wants to become a girl, but finds vagines disgusting. Wich makes it all the much funnier because tits don't make you a girl. You got to get it all, jerk.

If you fear acne that looks like large lava rocks growing on someone, this person isn't for you.

If you fear getting lied to, or your heart broken, this person also isn't for you.

Loyalty isn't a possibility to this type of person.

They'll most likely get tired of you an forget you compeltely.
If you want a decent lover or friend, avoid a Shadow Drakken at all costs!
by This_Bitch August 17, 2009
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