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Eminem's uncensored Hip-Hop/Rap station on SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel 45 and DISH Network 6045.

It is run primarily by Shady Records artists and plays unedited music 24/7. DJ Kay Slay, DJ Drama, DJ Whoo Kid, Clinton Sparks, and many other notable DJ's all have shows on the stations.

Shade 45, was first run on October 28, 2004. Since its start it has releaed several classic mixtapes such as "Sirius Bizness" and the "Anger Management Tour III Mixtape". The show G-Unit Radio has spawned 25 mixtapes of the same name, as well a West Coast version, all playing G-Unit music.

DJ Green Lantern used to be a DJ, have his own show, and was planning a release on Shady Records, but was dropped due to problems with labelmate 50 Cent. The Alchemist replaced the Evil Genious and in 2006 he released an album/official mixtape called Eminem Presents: The Re-Up.

It is a prevalent force in satelite radio hip hop/rap. Shade45 is often cited for having exclusive interviews, new freestyles, and for Shady Records artists to diss other artists. (05.19.08)
Shade 45 is by far the finest radio station ever, by far better than that garbage they play on Hot 97. Shady for life!
by fgbm27 May 19, 2008
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Rap station on Sirius Radio owned by run by Eminem and 50 Cent. Uncensored, raw, and full of flava.

Eventhough 50 and Eminem are corporate rappers that sold out, their radio station Shade45 plays bomb diggity jams.
by JBreeze December 27, 2005
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