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A Shaboogawolf is term used to define a person who is unable to represent themselves in a manner that is acceptable by its locale. Often "Booga's" attempt to represent themselves in the acceptable form, but fail due to a lack of honest friends, full length mirrors, and uncashed reality checks. Like Wolves, Boogas usually travel in packs...protecting each others vanity by constant reassurance that they are dressed and manicured appropriately, when in fact they are not. On occasion Boogas have violated the standard to such a degree, they evolve into Shaboogabeasts.
You: Who's that girl on stage?
Me: Are you speaking of the the hot mess with the visible weave tracks, forever 21 tag sticking out of her cheap party dress, wearing those scuffed up broke downplastic payless pumps that are supporting what appears to be......two, those are her legs. Dude, She's a Shaboogawolf.
by Twin Shotgun January 27, 2013
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