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Gang of killers that is associated to a higher savage boss. All what they care about is killing and raping innocent women and children, destroying and stealing the cities and villages that they attak, and obliging people to worship thier boss.
Assad's shabiha conquered many Syrian cities and raped and killed a lot of women.
by freedom4syria November 19, 2011
She is a funny, cute, strong, sweet and so much more. She is always there when you need her. You can trust her with your life. Wise beyond her years, she gives the best advice. If she says she loves you, then count yourself lucky. Her love is so powerful that it can take away all your pain and make you feel better than you've ever felt in your life. She is so special that once you find her never let her go. She is simply the best and no girl on this planet can compare to her awesomeness.
I will love Shabiha for the rest of my life.
by imoeman83 January 14, 2012
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