A gaseous form of faeces, ejected from ones rectum.
Believed to have been first used in Roman times, as a politer way to describe the action of farting during a banquet or orgy.
A Maverick: "Ohh, I'm going to Shas... Eugh!"
Innocent Bystander: "Look at that poor Goose running away, even he can smell it!"
by Mavers June 10, 2012
What BObo D. HObo says when he does extreme in games!
Soldier:wtf, u h4xor! eyem mad! asdf
BObo D. HObo:sha! eat it!
Soldier:you gay n00b
BObo D. HObo:wtf?! i just killed you 6x in a row!
Soldier:So im never gonna register soldat even though i werk @ McDonalds and live wif my mom
BObo D. HObo:..
BObo D. HObo:uh, i just knifed you!
Soldier:yeah well i know a glitch
BObo D. HObo:u do it wrong, don't throw grenades @ yer face....
BObo D. HObo:er- u spelled it-
Soldier:Shutup i can kill u in Unreal..
BObo D. HObo: You just walked off a cliff :|
Soldier:you just wish you could do it-
BObo D. HObo: You crap head, silly goose i just yoinked yer flag :)
Soldier: Yeah well...
BObo D. HObo: cap! sha!
by BObo D. HObo April 28, 2004
Acronym that stands for "stupid hipster apple shit".
Matt: "You hear about the iPhone OS 4.0 update?"
Chris: "I don't care about that shas!"
by sodg April 09, 2010
An exclamation. Equivalent to "wow", "wonderful", "lovely", "brilliant!".
Sha! Nice shoes.
by j0o0o0 June 12, 2010
(also shah or shar)
shut up, be quiet, shoosh
Amber - 'Hey let's go shopping!' Louis - 'SHA!'
by gorgeousambi December 16, 2007
Short for "Sure", because four letters were just too many.
"Wanna hang out today?"
by KealPanda May 19, 2010
To say "ya" but "sha"(basiclly "ya" but in a funny way). or to agree
<unknown> Hey do u want to go to the theaters today? <unknown2>SHA!!
by isaac=i sag October 10, 2006
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