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A prank-name, pseudonym, username, or gamertag that is often used by fans of Sally Juspeczyk (aka, "Sally Jupiter"), from the comic "watchmen", that require a more masculine version of the name.

In a forum setting, "Sgt Jupiter" users can be characterized as having a very unfocused identity. Crafting interesting or intelligent ideas on one forum while trolling the next. Also having a propensity toward devil's-advocacy.

In a gaming environment users of the name exhibit a very distinct style; Resorting to stealth more often than not, and maintains agendas beyond that of the games intended objectives.

The name is pronounced "Sergeant Jupiter", though shortened versions include "Sarg", "jupiter", or "Jup" (jupe).
Sgt Jupiter, Your account will be suspended for 12 more days.
by Pantheon Peals January 02, 2011

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