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Ones Sexual Market Value can only be found by using this simple easy to use equation.

((Attractiveness) + ((4x)Socal status) + (Style)) - ((Nose Length) + (Weight) + (C) + (-Height))= Sexual Market Value

When (C) equals car type
Truck = 30
Car = 20
Suv = 10
Hybrid = 300
Motorcycle = 0
Vespa = 600
Van = 25
Classic Car = 5
Dune Buggy = -42
"I bought these new shoes"
"Those shoes are Sweet Dude"
"yea... I thought it would increase my Sexual Market Value, But then I realized that my SMV would be much higher if i stopped hanging around idiots who say "Sweet Dude""
by A. Reynolds August 17, 2006
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