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What School Teachers, Staff, and all School Adult members say to any given member of the student male population when they are anywhere within the distance of 4 inches from any given member of the student female population.

Also known as "Sexual Harassment"
Billy: So Jane, I'll see you after school ok?
Jane: Ok billy, i love you.
*They hug and kiss*
Billy: What? shes my girlfri-
Teacher: Thats a referral for disrespecting authority by talking back to your teacher, and sexually harrising a girl!
by Batsuto Malinois February 23, 2007
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Getting sexually harassed by a person with the last name Harris.

A guy that is generally a fag and thinks he is soo cool.
Person 1 "Did you see that fag?"

Person 2 " Yea he just sexually harrised that chick

Person 1 "What a fag move"

Person 2 " Yea he must be one of those dumbass Harris'

Person 1 " Im so sick of his damned Sexual Harrisment"
by Samalam123 January 27, 2010
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