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Text messaging that is sexually motivated.
There are three grades of Sext Messaging (AKA Sexting):

Grade 1: Sext messages that serve a sexual goal but do not contain any direct mention of sexual acts, desires, or emotions. Examples: “U wanna hang out 2night?” or “U looked good today” or “I had a good time, we gotta chill again soon”

Grade 2: Sext messages that are directly related to sexual acts, desires, or emotions but do not contain sexually explicit description. Examples: “Booty call 2night?” or “I need u now” or “Luv your bod”

Grade 3: Sext messages that explicitly describe sexual acts, desires, or emotions. Examples: “U r the best kisser ever” or “Can’t stop thinking about your rack” or “Gotta touch your body right now”
by stallion10 February 13, 2008

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