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"Sex and The City" syndrome refers to a woman who needs a man to validate her existence. This goes for both serial daters, and women who consider themselves (or are) serial monogamists for the same reason.

It is a very sad, and might I say, quite pathetic, syndrome.

White women seem to be the primary sufferers, however, women from any race or ethnic background can suffer from Sex and The City syndrome.

This term is primarily used to define a certain attitude the show gave off. The attitude that despite being a successful, beautiful has to have a man to feel completely fulfilled.
1. A woman who continuously dates different men because she is afraid to be alone, or because she feels (consciously or subconsciously) that having a man validates her existence. This can apply to women who are constantly looking to get a relationship out of these dates, or women who are constantly looking for sex as a means to fulfill some long empty void.

"My best friend is going on ANOTHER date...she was so depressed last week because "no one wanted her." Ugh, she definitely has Sex and The City Syndrome!"

2. A woman who has been in a monogamous relationship for a while with a man who treats her badly or unequally, yet she stays with him for fear of being alone, or fear that without him her existence will no longer be worthwhile.

"She is crying again over something her boyfriend did to her...he treats her like such crap, yet stays with him. Its like she needs him to validate her existence, or she is so afraid and unsure of herself she feels she needs a man...a man who treats her like crap! She SO has Sex and The City Syndrome..its sad."
by helloimlulu September 10, 2011
Being a female in favor of circumcision or thinking intact penises are dirty. Obviously hypocritical, since vulvas and vaginas smell a lot stronger.
From the show: I am so circumcising my son. I don't want anyone calling him a shar pei.
Girl 1: My four-year-old host brother from Spain was circumcised.
Girl 2: Why wait so long?
Someone who actually knows what the fuck he or she is talking about: Why do it at all?
Anyone who has Sex and the City Syndrome is someone I won't waste my time with.
by Phish Taco March 09, 2008
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