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An elite(only for the super rich in town) sort of stop where one stops the car and cuts the engine right in the middle of a street, in their own little world, as they drop off their kid at an activity they "encouraged" them to participate in. A Sewickley Drop Off can be altered to become more of a Sewickley Chat, where the said subject stops the car, cuts the engine, and rolls down the window to have a lovely chat with Debbie from book club, whom said subject hasn't seen in "ages". A half hug and some air kisses are exchanged, as well as some "How are you"s and some "Oh and how is that wonderful woman, Ms. Gardenier, was it?"s until someone(usually a good, kind hearted citizen just getting frustrated) honks their horn and the goodbyes start. One more hug, more air kisses, and finally the engine starting. The good citizens of Sewickley, PA recognize this term, but it can be associated with several other small towns scattered across the country.
*Car stops*
Debbie(in car): Rosalyn! Oh, I haven't seen you in ages!
Rosalyn: And you, Debbie! How's book club! I unfortunately missed the last meeting...
Debbie: Oh, no problem. I'll just email you the information once I get home. But it's so nice to see you! Oh, come here!
*Debbie motions with her hands and they exchange what would look like an awkward half hug, patting the other's back*
*air kisses*
*car honk*
Debbie: Oh, well I must be going. Don't you forget to tell me all about that beautiful daughter of yours! I bet she'll grow up to be just like you! You must be so proud...
*conversation starts again, car honk*
*Debbie laughs a little*
*hug, air kisses*
Both women: Buh-bye!

Someone in the car behind them: Gee, such a Sewickley Drop Off!
by Salamanca Tree Hiddle November 09, 2012
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