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It means do not worry, be happy! It is a Turkish name, and become popular after 1984. Some prefer to say Sevinimu in Greek. It can be ryhmed with name Sevinc, that means cheer, delight. According to legendary, parents give the name of Sevin to their child, because they want their girl to be happy, cheerful and to be loved in her life!
A:You are a dust in the universe, history will forget you, let's have a drink!"
B: Ohh, how sevin you are!
by dontworrrybehappy July 30, 2009
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its when you have 2 girls, 2 guys, 1 cat, 1 dog, and 1 mexican midget. one guy, one girl, and the midget are naked. you put oil on the cat and dog. everyone fights with barrbed wire, in a circle of fire
dude did you see that sevin last night? it was crazy
by ctopolous March 07, 2010
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