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a genre of Harry Potter fanfiction were Severus Snape mentors, aprentaces or in anyway becomes a father like figure to Harry Potter.

also applies to Harry taking care of Severus

Severitus is NOT Snarry paring.
"I was reading this Severitus fic, and Snape never really hated Harry anymore, he was kinda fatherly really."
by TheSweetPrince August 24, 2007
A challenge made by the fanfiction author Severitus. It is mainly about Snape being Harry's father. However unlike Sevitus, in Severitus Remus Lupin must have returned to Hogwarts for a reason, Harry must undergo some physical change on his birthday and of course, the fanfic must be Harry and Snape-centric.
The author Severitus really loves the idea of Snape being Harry's father, doesn't he?
by Inoue Ayumi December 07, 2009
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