A creature who is extremely over weight,lazy, and immature! Her insecurities run soooo deep she continuously lies and tries to make herself look better by talking trash and insulting others. Yet she is sooo stupid, soooo dumb, she doesn't even realize that it is obvious to everyone around her... Because she has the intellegence of a rock, looks of bull dogs ass ( and that is being kind ) , and a crude personality, her jelousy makes her mean and spitefull. Be warned that looking at a Sethany may induce vomiting!!
That chick is so mean and hatefull, but thats because she is a Sethany. I would hate the world too if I woke up every morning and had to look at that in the mirror!
by Real Bueaty April 26, 2010
Top Definition
A creature of eternal beauty and grace, rarely seen in modern times. Sometimes outshined by personality and wit, Sethanys are extremely popular. People flock to them. Be warned, however that harming one she considers her "flock" will result in the offender wishing he or she was never born. Sethanys never forget.
If you harm a child or a disabled person, or worse a disabled child, I may go Sethany on your ass.
by Janet Smithsonian February 03, 2010
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