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To bend the laws of physics and light falling water aflame. Made famous by British singer Adele.
1) Oh my lord, did you just see that magician? He set fire to the rain!

2) Adele's song "Set Fire to the Rain" is sooo good!
by Adele Fan 666 February 24, 2012
When you horribly reject your ex boyfriend over text when he "HYPOTHETICALLY" accuses you of going for his best friend.
HIM: "You would be a dick if you went for ___."
HER: "We're becoming better friends but we're not a thing."
HIM: "That would be like me going for one of your close friends you realize that, right?"
HER: "Yeah, we're just becoming food friends."
HIM: "Better be all it is."
HER: 'If you HYPOTHETICALLY rape someone, it's not actually rape. Think about it. Get off me, seriously!"
HIM: "Dang, you really set fire to the rain."
by DecaRoom1732 March 04, 2012