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Noun. - To "milk" a persons spine by roughly rubbing their lower back all the way to the brain stem, normally when the recipient is in a "praying to Alla" pose. During this, as part of Raver tradition, a prayer to the rave gods is normally said by the person giving the serotonin shot. At the end the the giver pulls the receiver up on to his/her knees quickly and Vick's Inhaler is blow in their eyes (a sea-breeze) and the receiver is informed that they are free. The receiver generally goes limp and is placed on the ground to enjoy the effects.

NOTE: Only enjoyable if the receiver is under the effects of MDMA.
kandi kid 1: my rolls haven't kicked in yet...

kandi kid 2:do you want a serotonin shot to make your illy's pop?
by Đ☮PΞ ☆ November 19, 2009
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