Any guy who is ugly
Jeffery Dahmer was a serial killer because he was UGLY but Ted Bundy was innocent because he was HANDSOME
by Andre99 July 19, 2009
Top Definition
A human being, usually an adult white male in his late twenties, who has killed four or more individuals in seperate incidents with a cooling off period in between.

Serial Killers come in several types. There are Hedonistic serial killers, who enjoy causing pain and suffering.

Visionary killers are often psychotic, and beleive they are acting on orders from a higher entity.

If left unchecked, a serial killer may degenerate into a spree killer or mass-murderer, which are entierly different things.
Serial Killers like me kill ass holes like you.
by Someone December 21, 2003
A person who kills three or more people at different times with a cooling off period in between.
Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer
by Squirrel Killer March 27, 2007
Some one who hates cereal
That serial killer went to jail for killing all the cherios
by Logini April 10, 2016
1. Noun version of the perpetual 'be killing'
2. Someone who continuously 'kills' (does beyond well) in their respective field
3. The highest level of perpetual, premeditated awesomeness.
Raj is a serial killer! He be killin' em every time he gets on stage.
by Mikimonster April 09, 2015
having the inability to run after people you wish to kill
cue dramatic music, screaming victim, very slowly followed by serial killer.
by holocangel May 05, 2008
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