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The first automated spammer, Argic was an AI program which would grep for messages containing "turkey" or "armenia" and then reply about how two and a half million Turks were supposedly killed by Armenians during World War I, even though history remembers it the other way. He would sprinkle in various childish insults like "gum brain" and assume everyone online was Armenian.
"Any recipes for turkey surprise?" "Ask your CRIMINAL Armenian grandparents, gum brain!"
by Xyzzy January 09, 2005
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Mythical poster on Usenet sites, who promoted Turkish nationalist causes and denounced Armenians, Romanians and what not. Probably a robotic program, but a legend in his own mind.
The Romanians were bred as slaves to serve the Ottoman Empire.
---Serdar Agric
by octopod February 18, 2004

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